Time  4 hours 12 minutes

Coordinates 1094

Uploaded July 10, 2019

Recorded June 2019

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48 ft
-41 ft
8.4 mi

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near Ewijk, Gelderland (Nederland)

Another one of the lovely "klompenpaden" in Gelderland province. Walking along the river Waal was great, but also the first part of the track before you turn towards the river was nice.

There is easy and ample parking space near Doddendael castle, on hot summer days ideal, as you park under the trees. The white castle itself is also a highlight.

Eevn in summer this is doable as the track offers shade and there is a fresh wind along the waters. All in all, a worthwhile walk.

Castle Parking

Building of interest

Doddendael castle




Picnick table


De Duivelskolk


Het Weurtsche Straatje




Bench with view


Ferry Beuningen

NB Only for footpassengers and cyclists. Mooring spot with view towards the other side of the water and the ferry.


  • Photo of paul-eric

    paul-eric May 4, 2020

    I have followed this trail  verified  View more

    Great trail. One of the many 'Klompenpaden' in Gelderland and Utrecht.

    Thanks for this one.

  • Photo of Blanca Essis

    Blanca Essis May 29, 2020

    Kunnen honden aangelijn ook bij?

  • Photo of paul-eric

    paul-eric May 29, 2020

    Dag Bianca,

    Volgens mij wel. Het stuk tussen 'Ferry Beuningen' en 'Weurtse Straat liepen een kudde Hooglanders, maar ik herinner me daar niet dat je niet met een hond mag lopen. Maar ik let daar niet zo heel erg op omdat wij geen hond hebben.

    Je kunt eigenlijk op ieder moment wel weer uitwijken naar de dijk als het ergens toch niet zou mogen. Vanaf de Duivelskolk terug is het zeker geen probleem meer.

    Veel plezier,

  • Photo of janetraveller

    janetraveller May 29, 2020

    @Blanca Essis, as an answer to your question about taking a dog along this track: I checked this on the website of www.klompenpaden.nl and found out that the general idea for all the signposted “klompenpaden” is that they are not allowed, specifically when you cross private properties ( that have been opened up to the public for access and continuation of the path). You can find this info on the FAQ page here: https://klompenpaden.nl/meest-gestelde-vragen/
    As we don’t walk with a dog I don’t pay attention to a no-dogs-allowed sign. Perhaps you can share your experience here, if you decide to try the path anyhow.

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