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near Pettycur, Scotland (United Kingdom)

Hike with great views between Kinghorn and Burntisland. From Kinghorn to Burntisland you walk along the coast, and on the way back along the Binn hill ridge a bit inland. Attention: the route on Burntisland Sands can only be walked a few hours either side of low-tide. The Fife Coastal Path takes you inland from the railway at high-tide, which is much less interesting, so plan your route in such a way that you pass this section at low-tide! There are bars and restaurants in both Burntisland and Kinghorn.
The hike starts at the free parking at Pettycur Harbour. You directly go down on the beach and walk across the Burntisland Sands towards Burntisland. Depending on the tide you could also walk to the Black Rocks, making the hike a bit longer. From sandy it becomes a bit muddy and more popular with birds walking towards Burntisland. At the start of Burntisland Beach you walk up the sea wall to the access point for Burntisland Sands (coming from Burntisland). Here you walk on the walkway adjacent to the beach towards the Burntisland swimming pool and sport centre. You pass by the sport centre and walk towards Burntisland High Street. From High Street you walk uphill to Broomhill Viewpoint at about 40 m above the center of Burntisland. You walk back down and cross the Links, a grassy park on which a fair was taking place during our visit. At the church, you cross the road and walk up Kirkbank Road up to the Dells, and take the footpath at the edge of the Dells up to Kirkcaldy Road. You walk 180 m along this road and then take another steeper path up the Binn hill, towards Binnend. The hike goes up through woods, passes remains of Binnend village, a pond fenced off possibly part of the former shale oil works, and ends up at the hill ridge, with the large transmitter to the west. Here you take the grass path east with great views towards the Firth of Forth. The grass track ends at a wheat field. Here you walk on a small path on the edge of the field until the path takes you into the woods and takes you on Rodanbraes Path. This path continues slightly downward with great views past a great swing hung in a large tree. At the end you turn left on a larger path, but directly go up on stairs (tree top walk). This path ends at a viewpoint (not much to see with foliage on the trees), and you go down other stairs again. You then walk to the edge of Kinghorn Loch through woods. The path then takes past you past Earthship Fife Visitor Centre and the Ecology Centre on the lake. You walk up to the B293 road, cross it, and walk along the Burnside Path into Kinghorn. You walk down through the village to Kinghorn Harbour and Kinghorn Beach. You walk along this beach and go up some stairs and a path with a great view of the beach. From here you walk along Pettycur Road back to the starting point. When I arrived at the parking lot a pod of dolphins was swimming up the Forth close by this point, but I suppose you might not always be so lucky….

Access to Burntisland Sands

At the start of the beach (coming from Kinghorn), you go up the sea wall. There is an information display. From here you walk along the beach.

Broomhill Viewpoint

Viewpoint above the center of town.

Burnside Path

Path between Kinghorn Loch and Kinghorn

Burntisland High Street

Burntisland High Street with a few bars, restaurants and shops.

Burntisland Sands

These sands disappear below the water at high-tide, and beware that the tide can come in fast. Close to Burntisland the sands become a bit more muddy.

Doo Dells Lane

Path overlooking Kinghorn Beach. There is a restaurant overlooking the beach and the sea.

Footpath The Dells

Footpath at the edge of town and the golf course. You walk in the woods. The path ends at the Kirkcaldy Road just outside the city limit.

Kinghorn Beach

Kinghorn beach is a nice beach with a little harbour on one side.

Kinghorn High Street

Kinghorn High Street has a few restaurants/bars

Kinghorn Loch

Lake. The Ecology Centre is at the east side of the lake. On the west side is an observation point.

Path next to wheat field

You walk around a wheat field on a small path

Path on Binn ridge

Grassy track on the Binn hill ridge with great views towards the Firth of Forth

Path up to Binnend

Path up to Binnend through the woods. The hike goes up through woods, passes remains of Binnend village, a pond fenced off possibly part of the former shale oil works, and ends up at the hill ridge.

Pettycur Bay

Bay directly in front of Pettycur
Mooring point

Pettycur Harbour

Pettycur Harbour

Pettycur Road

Pettycur Road leads to the beach and the harbour

Rodanbraes Path

Rodanbraes Path takes you from the wheat field past some ruins slightly downhill with great views towards the Firth of Forth


A swing is strung up on a large tree

The Links

A grassy park. There was a fair here during our visit


This is a viewpoint amidst the trees. Not much of a view when the foliage is on.


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