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near Ol Molog, Arusha (Tanzania)

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The route chosen was the "Ruta Lemosho", 8 days and 7 nights (October 9 to 16, 2013), starting from Moshi, Tanzania. This route is 71 kms, forty-nine at the top and twenty-two down. It is a traditional route but little used, the first three days are relatively flat and tropical Africa is known and also quite solitary apart from our group we did not see other people.

From the third day the trees disappear and you enter a paramo area with a lower temperature but with spectacular views of Kilimanjaro. Here also other walkers appear as Lemosho joins the other routes more desirable as Machame and Umbewe.

On the fourth day the demand begins as it climbs up to the Torre de Lava at 4,630 m and then camps at the Barranco Camp at 3,976 m. From there two more days until Camp Barafu 4.673 m. Barafu is the last camp before the ascent.

Here a parenthesis. The whole journey to Barafu should be taken as an acclimatization exercise. If you want to be successful it is very important to acclimate well. Then there is no need to worry about distances but to have an adequate rhythm and time that allows the body to acclimate well. That is why the Lemosho route is very advisable since it is one of the longest and it has a chance of success of 80% against 55% which is the average success of all those trying to climb Kili.

The above is very important because the "altitude sickness" or "mountain sickness" is very unpleasant and dangerous and if it gives you, up there, you have to come down and goodbye to the top.

The day of the ascent you have to wake up at 11 PM to start climbing at 12 is a journey of five kms but climb 1,222 m from the 4,673 m of the camp to the 5,985 of the summit at Uhuru Peak. This is when we realize if we are well acclimatized, from our group of seven, three women and four men we all managed to climb up to Stella Point 5,756 one of the three "tops", but two had to go down affected by the height and five of us continued Additional 1.2 km to the highest point Uhuru Peak.

The sunrise, the glaciers and the view from the top is impressive and as to all of us who like mountaineering the satisfaction of having achieved it is something inexplicable.

Once the photo has been taken, it is necessary to start downhill, as we are separated by 12 kms along the Mweka downhill route to the next campsite and 10 kms the following day to the park exit.

PD: None of this would have been possible if it was not for the help of the eighteen porters, a cook and a guide who accompanied us. Gratitude towards them.
Mountain pass

Stella Point 5.745 m


Uhuru Peak 5.895 m


Mweka Gate 1.640m


Londorossi Gate 2.360 m

Mountain pass

Barranco Wall

Mountain pass

Lava Tower 4.627 m


Camp. Shira 1 -3.500 m- Noche 2


Planicie Shira


Camp. Shira 2 -3.895 m- Noche 3


Camp. Mti Mkubwa 2.895 m. Noche 1


Camp. Barafu 4.673. Noche 6


Camp. Barranco 3.976. Noche 4


Camp Karanga 3.995 m. Noche 5


Camp. Mweka 3.068 m. Noche 7


  • Photo of Tierra Adentro

    Tierra Adentro Dec 12, 2013


    Como le fue con la aclimatación. Vas a subir alguna "reseña" del viaje?

  • Photo of Mifeke

    Mifeke Dec 12, 2013

    Eso Richmond.

    Si voy a subir una reseña, no la he puesto porque me lleve mucho tiempo como 6 horas montando las fotos y la ruta, el sistema de subir fotos es medio lento. La ruta la subí a mano porque no lleve el GPS, no queria andar chineando baterias por tanto tiempo y el etrex 20 es bastante gaston.

    Sin embargo la ruta subida es muy exacta y aparece en los mapas satelitales de Wikiloc asi es que lo que hice fue repasarla. Todas las rutas de Kili son establecidas no hay pierde.

  • Photo of osvano

    osvano Dec 13, 2013

    Mikefe: te felicito por el ascenso. Me siento orgulloso de tu logro. Entiendo la sensacion de lograr la meta: no lo paga ni VISA!!!!!!!.
    Moriremos haciendo lo que nos gusta !!!! (No en el intento)

    Un abrazo, OSVANO

  • Photo of alizcon

    alizcon Aug 29, 2014

    Buena Mike! Falta Gigio

  • Photo of alizcon

    alizcon Aug 29, 2014


  • Photo of Mifeke

    Mifeke Aug 29, 2014

    esa foto es de Stella Point

  • Photo of AlexTR

    AlexTR Aug 17, 2015

    Que tal el frio? yo subo en septiembre...

  • Photo of Mifeke

    Mifeke Aug 17, 2015

    A mi me toco bastante frio, los últimos dos días, siempre bajo cero, camino a la cima el agua de tomar se congela.
    Es impredecible, lleve buen equipo y vaya preparado.
    Saludos y que tenga éxito.

  • cezartoledo Sep 30, 2016

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