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near Masia (Tanzania)

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Ascent to Kilimanjaro (5,895 meters), by the Marangu route (Tanzania).

Known as Kilimanjaro by Westerners, called Kibo by the natives, and renamed Uhuru Peak (Pico Libertad) after independence from Tanzania, it is an emblematic mountain. As it rises in the middle of the vast plains of the savannah, it is visible from hundreds of kilometers around. From afar it appears as an immense volcanic cone, crowned by glaciers, which is more surprising because of its location a few kilometers from the equatorial line. In addition, its slopes are covered with a dense jungle. In short, a mountain with a great diversity of landscapes, in an absolutely wonderful environment, which make your ascension an unforgettable experience.

With the normal permission of ascent by the route Marangu, a maximum of six days are available to complete the ascent, including one of acclimatization in Horombo huts: four days for the ascent, and two days for the descent. This leaves very little time for the necessary acclimatization to the height, which usually takes its toll on the day of the summit. The Marangu route is also known as the coca-cola route, due to the large number of tourists who, attracted by the apparent ease of the mountain, but without sufficient preparation, attempt the ascent without achieving it in many cases.

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*** Route Data ***
Route: Marangu Gate (1,880 m) - Uhuru Peak (5,895 m) - Marangu Gate (1,880 m)
Distances: 43 kmts - 43 kmts = 86 kmts
Ascended Desniveles: 4.080 mts - 65 mts = 4.145 mts
Descended levels: 65 meters - 4,080 meters = 4.145 meters
Times (without stops): 19h 05min - 12h = 31h 05min

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20-AGO-08 6:16:23 - 20-AGO-08 6:16:23

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    Keducc Mar 14, 2011

    Espectacular el Kilimanjaro :-)

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