12.35 mi

Elevation gain

4,967 ft

Technical difficulty

Very difficult

Elevation loss

3,445 ft

Max elevation

10,830 ft



Min elevation

4,354 ft

Trail type

One Way
  • Photo of Khde Valley and Kuro Ridge Trek
  • Photo of Khde Valley and Kuro Ridge Trek
  • Video of Khde Valley and Kuro Ridge Trek
  • Video of Khde Valley and Kuro Ridge Trek
  • Video of Khde Valley and Kuro Ridge Trek
  • Video of Khde Valley and Kuro Ridge Trek


one day 12 hours 6 minutes




March 28, 2016


July 2015

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10,830 ft
4,354 ft
12.35 mi

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near Chortov Most (Georgia) for more info:
There is a new church at the border with Russia. Near that church there is the wildest river flowing down to Terek. From there, after getting a permit in Dariali, you can start hiking (difficult one) to Khde Gorge valley which is almost untouched by the humans but overpopulated by hogweeds and huge stones. Khde velly which lies behind Kuro and Shino summits is very popular among Georgian hikers. Easier option would be to explore the valley to camp in the plateau around 2400m surrounded by the mountains and see the waterfalls of the gorge. Make sure you are well-prepared to cross the mountain rivers. If you are well-experienced hiker, you can try to ascend the ridge (Mt.Kuro). No special equipment is needed for that very steep and stoney accent to around 3,500m. From there you will be rewarded with a great view to Mt.Kazbeg, Trinity and the whole area. Another option is also to cross the glacier pass from the Khde valley to Juta through Kvibishi pass.
please note: This is very difficult hike. Involves crossing fast rivers, hiking up stony path and lots of risks. You need an experienced guide and very experienced group to do this trail. PS. On the way back gps was off so just come back the same way back )


  • Photo of Apr 5, 2016

    the trek is almost like mountaineering, but can be done without equipment. It is risky to do it without a group

  • Photo of Tamer.nour

    Tamer.nour Sep 25, 2016

    Thanks for the value information

  • nygzar78 Jun 17, 2018

    How many times you cross river ?

You can or this trail