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Uploaded October 22, 2014

Recorded October 2014

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near Sorhakhutte, Central Region (Nepal)

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(Nepal) Route on 10/14/2014; 5 km; +30-30; 4.5 hours. Urban walkway with the following itinerary: Thamel center, to Durbar square and back to Thamel. Output type: circular; Difficulty: easy.

1- The objective of this cultural and historical walk is Durham Square of Kathmandu. When you reach the square, a map can be orientated towards the visit, which everyone can do in their air. Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal and also its largest city. Its population is one and a half million inhabitants and is located about 1200 meters above sea level. For the visitors, the city is divided into two parts: the modern one and the old one that occupies the Thamel district. The modern one does not have much interest. Therefore, it is advisable to take a walk through Durbar Square, which was the religious and political center for many centuries.

2- I have started roughly in the center of the Thamel neighborhood, the neighborhood where you can find all the bars, restaurants and clothing stores and mountain material. It is the neighborhood that, full of hotels, is the meeting point for all the trekkers and expeditionary. Going down the Pyaphal Tole street (but you need to know that there are no street names anywhere), it goes straight (south) to Durbar Square. On the street you can find oratories and small temples in any corner.

3- The streets that go down or go up from Durbar have shops designed for the people of the town, the places of tourism have been left in the center of Thamel. Here I leave a combination of two micro stores (like all) one of shoes and next to those who sell chickens. The visitor will be able to observe how in the old town there is an intense heartbeat of everyday life, surrounded by the vestiges of the old trade union organizations. The particularly observer visitor will be seduced by the incessant going and coming of hundreds of people in the midst of apparent chaos, although today there is something more appeased as a consequence of intense rainfall.

4- A little further down, a man planted his fruit stand on the street, which today with this day of heavy rains (it's October 14, 2014) gets soaked. Perhaps I have to add that today, although we do not know it, northern Nepal is under the influence of typhoon Hudhud, centered in India. Within a couple of days the news of an unprecedented tragedy will begin ...

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1 Thamel center
2 Pyaphal Tole
3 Durbar pl.
4 Mani Tole
5 Makhan Tole

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