• Photo of Ketchum, Idaho: Hyndman Peak

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11,955 ft
7,021 ft
6.9 mi

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near Triumph, Idaho (United States)

This is the standard route to Hyndman. There is a trail all the way to the saddle at 11000 feet. It is actually a very pretty hike.
The rest requires rock-hopping to the summit. The rock is good, large enough to be stable, small enough to be easy to step through. At the beginning of the ridge there is a very visible tower that you need to leave to the right.
Once at the summit, there is an obvious descent route straight down -marked in the map. It starts at a spring close to the bottom of the slope. Climbing up seems like a lot of work because the rock is rotten, but for descent it is faster and safer than the other route.
The access route is a decent gravel road, passable by normal passenger cars.

The route is 12 miles round trip, with 5000 feet of elevation gain. It takes around 8 hours.

Hyndman Creek Trailhead


Hyndman Peak


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