• Photo of Kauai: Maha'ulepu trail to Kawailoa bay

Coordinates 650

Uploaded September 15, 2016

Recorded September 2016

154 f
-23 f
3.71 mi

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near Po‘ipū, Hawaii (United States)

This trail takes you to some pretty rocky shoreline. Unfortunately the beaches are not that interesting.

The route takes starts at Shipwreck beach, right by the Hyatt. It is possible to start further West because the trail starts in Poipu.

Shortly after the beach the trail makes its way to the top of the sandy cliffs. There are some tracks right at the shore, but the proper route is a little bit inland. If the trail gets confusing just follow the coast.

Just before the Gillin Beach there is a nasty stream full of runoff from the farm. Don't cross it. Follow the trail inland towards Makauwahi cave, where there is a bridge.

Gillin beach is contaminated by the stream. Besides, it has a lot of plastic pieces -not trash, small pieces that wash ashore. It looks good a first sight, but is not a good place to swim.

Then comes the beach at Kawailoa beach. This is not contaminated, but still there are a lot of plastic pieces. It is a pity, but at least this is a beautiful beach to stop.

It is easy to continue past the beach, following a very scenic rocky shore, as far as you want. The view is great from Paoo point. Somebody built a circular labyrinth with rocks there.


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