Coordinates 444

Uploaded September 15, 2016

Recorded September 2016

3,858 f
3,550 f
3.0 mi

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near Hā‘ena, Hawaii (United States)

This loop is an easy way to get a glimpse of the forest in Kauai. It starts at the Discovery Center, close to the Kokee campground. It initially runs along a gully, very wet at some points. Once you reach the Berry Flat trail intersection it becomes a leisurely walk with a variety of lush vegetation.

Eventually the route meets a well maintained gravel road, which is the fastest way back. After several driveways to houses there is an obvious side road which is abandoned but makes for a decent trail to the highway. This is shorter, but the main road also leads to the highway.

The only difficulty of this trail is the navigation. It is very easy to get disoriented in the forest. And the road has several side spurs which can be mistaken for the side road. A GPS with the route is highly recommended.


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