5,197 ft
2,848 ft
12.07 mi

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near Bierutowice, Województwo dolnośląskie (Rzeczpospolita Polska)

The trail starts and ends next to the Wang church in Karpacz Górny.

First you follow blue-marked trail for around 50 minutes until you reach a bigger clearing in the forest (Polana Bronka Czecha), where you look for a yellow-marked trail to turn to your right and continue on a path made of wood. After around 25 minutes you reach Pielgrzymy rock formation, after which you still continue uphill on the yellow-marked path for another 40 minutes to reach Słonecznik rock.

From Słonecznik you turn left on the red-marked trail and after around 1 hour 10 minutes you will arrive to the top of Śnieżka mountain.

You go back from Śnieżka taking the same path with which you arrived, but from now on you follow blue-marked trail to come back to Karpacz (the blue trail should appear after 20 minutes descent from Śnieżka). The blue trail turns to the right around 40 minutes from the top of Śnieżka. You continue another +/- 1 hour 45 minutes along, passing next to two shelters, Mały Staw (a tarn), and Polana Bronka Czecha.



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