Time  4 hours 14 minutes

Coordinates 1972

Uploaded November 1, 2011

Recorded October 2011

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4,640 f
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near Kepésovon, Ipeiros (Greece)

The route starts from village of Kapesovo, through the famous Vradeto Steps (gr: "Skala tou Vradetou") to the village of Vradeto and later to the view point of Mpeloi (the name is probably from french word of "beautiful"). The route is easy and relaxing with no technical difficulties. Very nice views from the steps and absolutely amazing from Mpeloi to the whole Vikos gorge! It is absolutely mandatory place to visit in Zagori!! (together with Oksia and Vikos village, to combine all 3 view points of the gorge from all directions).


  • Carmen Becker May 28, 2015

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    I am 55 years old and have not a good condition. I made this walk on 19.05.2015. The scala was not easy, but I get it. The tour was phantastic. On the way back, a woman at a hotel in vradeto gave me to eat and drink because the cafe neo was closed. Very friendly greek people. The landscape at zagori is wounderfull. Thank you to Lehoo for this nice trail

  • Photo of duncan say

    duncan say May 23, 2019

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    Good parking at Kapesovo. This walk takes you to the beginning of the Vradeto steps, a remarkable feat of engineering. In the village of Vradeto there are two restaurants and we had a fantastic lunch in the first. The walk to the viewpoint over the Gorge is easy and the view is breathtaking. The way back covers the same ground. It is not a difficult walk to follow and if you ave taken the steps up to Vradeto you deserve a beer.

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