Time  8 hours 25 minutes

Coordinates 1777

Uploaded June 8, 2019

Recorded May 2019

17,727 f
12,051 f
9.12 mi

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near Nawal, Western Region (Nepal)

Direct ascent from Ngawal, 3600 m, to the very interesting Kang La, 5300, and next to a panoramic summit above it. Incredible views on the Annapurna massif, and on Manaslu and Dhaulagiri in the distance.
The pass is usually crossed in the opposite direction, coming from the Nar-Phu valley, at the end of the trekking in that restricted area.
The Lonely Planet guide writes that, after seeing the slopes of the Kang La from below, you would never want to ascend it from this side... my opinion is exactly opposite!
I would also have been eager to explore the alternative path to Ghyaru-Pisang, which probably crosses a sequence of interesting little valleys and ridges, but I did not have the opportunity to realize this.

For the summit 360° see also https://www.panorama-photo.net/panorama.php?pid=25625


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The majestic monument to Guru Rimpoche dominates the village.
I suppose that turning left one should arrive in some way to the cave with the self-formed (that is, not human made) monument of Guru Rimpoche.
A stretch allowing for very early panoramic views. See also https://www.panorama-photo.net/panorama.php?pid=26170
As can be seen also from below, the last stretch is rather steep.
At the time (May 2019) the gompa was closed for works.


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