Moving time  14 hours 27 minutes

Time  2 days 4 hours 51 minutes

Coordinates 10832

Uploaded November 23, 2017

Recorded November 2017

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5,258 f
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near Kalaw, Shan (Myanmar [Burma])

3 days hiking without guide in november 2017. We spent 2 nights in tent... but actually you don't need a tent because there are guesthouses and monasteries (you can stay in exchange of a donation) along the way. There are also many shops and restaurants (I noticed all of them of the map). Carry only one litter of water per person, it will be enough until the next village.
The track is not flat as I was ready to go up and down.
My gps turned crazy when I turned it off by the altitude level is wrong (you'll see a huge altitude 2 times). Inthein ruins are beautiful. Inspectors check if turists have their Inle Lake zone ticket (so we had to buy it, 10$ each). From Inthein, you can catch a boat or hitchhike to Nangshwe.
  • Photo of Nice view
  • Photo of Village
  • Photo of Restaurant
Food and drinks
  • Photo of Monastery
  • Photo of Pagoda and viewpoint
  • Photo of Pagoda and viewpoint
  • Photo of Village
  • Photo of Shop to buy water
  • Photo of Village with monastery
  • Photo of discreet free camping spot
We camped by night and woke up in the early morning
  • Photo of Village with shop
  • Photo of Village
  • Photo of Nantaing village
Several shops and restaurants
  • Photo of Pagoda
  • Photo of Village and nice spot to rest
  • Photo of Little shop and guesthouse
  • Photo of shop/restaurant/guesthouse
  • Photo of Monastery
  • Photo of Little stores at the exit of the village
Food and drinks
  • Photo of Restaurant & hotel
affordable restaurant 2000 kyat for fried rice with chicken Fancy resort hotel with several bigs bungalows Little shop with food and drinks souvenirs shop! ... 100 meters further, you have to pay 10$ to enter the Inle Lake zone. But we were there after 4:30pm and there was nobody working there.
  • Photo of Village
  • Photo of Shops and restaurants
  • Photo of discreet free camping spot
We camped under a workers shelter by night at 6pm and woke up at 5:30am
  • Photo of Inthein
From here, you can catch a boat
  • Photo of Temple ruins
  • Photo of Pagodas
  • Photo of Viewpoint on the stupas, the village and the lake

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  • Bibarnou Apr 4, 2018

    I have followed this trail  verified  View more

    Merci beaucoup Flo pour cet itinéraire super détaillé! Suivi en mars 2018, un peu sec donc paysage un peu brûlés mais supers villages traversés et très peu de touristes!
    Prévoir peut être pastille pour traiter l’eau, certains shops étaient fermés hors saison, il a fallu se débrouiller avec l’eau du puit. Pas de problème pour trouver à manger par contre

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