Time  7 hours 29 minutes

Coordinates 2204

Uploaded December 1, 2016

Recorded November 2016

4,747 f
4,094 f
14.72 mi

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near Kalaw, Shan (Myanmar [Burma])

The trail leads through suburbs of Kalaw, agricultural land and native forests to a viewpoint where you can have lunch. Afterwards it follows dirt road with a view on nearby hills, then it follows railway line and fields. You cross several villages on your way.

Our guide Sai Min from Naing Naing Bike & Trek in Kalaw was very knowledgeable and a great trek companion. He can adjust the trek to your needs ([email protected]).

You should not attempt to follow the trail on your own, as it goes through the fields that might be unpassable at certain seasons, or through private properties. The guide can also order food and accommodation and interpret in contacts with local people.
  • Photo of Viewpoint & restaurant
Viewpoint & restaurant


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