Time  2 hours 32 minutes

Coordinates 618

Uploaded June 29, 2017

Recorded June 2017

2,428 f
751 f
4.11 mi

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near Kabak, Muğla (Türkiye)

Spoiler alerts photos included.There are two ways from kabak to alınca.I took the path from kabak last bus top to alınca.Other one is from kabak beach on the coast to alınca.On the way I came across french family coming from kabak beach 2nd ascending.There is no sign or label at intersection of the paths from kabak beach coast and kabak last bus top.The colour of signs are different.You migth easily guess the path from kabak beach coast if you saw it earlier.If not there is a chance you might find yourself on kabak beach.It takes too long.There is not much sea view along the way.
mamma s bar restaurant
kabak bus stop over hill
lycia hotel
hotel over top
lonely one
eternal refugee
which one !
family stop
mangal place 😂
yes catchy
last stop


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