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near Káto Loúmas, Crete (Greece)

From the village of Kato louma (elounda plaka vrouhas selles Louma) is a nice old path drive you to the scarp above plaka with amazing view to all area down(spinalonga elounda bay e.t.c.) from thear right by the scarp you met a 'dificult' fence(at 3.2km). Jump on them and continue to Korasani church(open and is water also with nice rest area under shadow!).Then by the road for 1km you met something like sheepfold, there is a path for 500m and then right to monastery of timios stauros(Kardamoutsa)..Very nice old path from kardamoutsa(timios stayros) to majestically unigue Αreti monastery.Areti is the old headquarters (metropolis) of local bishop,now is at Neapolis.Light a vigil light ,have rest in silence and continue below to oak forest. After,for 300m no path in the midlle of hedge plants(long pants) to find the turn of dirt road to the ruins of hondrovolakoi setlement(or you can follow the road from asphalt to dirt road down to ruins). Hide path from hondrovolakoi 9.3km to clean (from hiking club of Ag. Nikolaos) venetian path of louma 10.4km
*Long pants is usefull..

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