Technical difficulty   Moderate

Time  2 hours 46 minutes

Coordinates 266

Uploaded August 23, 2015

Recorded August 2015

686 f
365 f
1.52 mi

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near Warrenville, Connecticut (United States)

This hike will take into a very nice place with just a loop hike or if you desire, venture off on some side trails. The trails are blazed, some may be a little harder to spot, but they are all there. I went there to GEOCache, there was mess of very nice hides throughout the park. The sanctuary is part of the Joshua's Trust (, visit their other fine areas. There are a few hills, but nothing real bad. If you look around you will find some remnants of some old homesteads. You can visit my website for other information - - happy trails to all!
Only parking area - just off RT44, be careful entering and leaving the parking area as RT44 can be quite busy


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