3,848 ft
3,259 ft
6.12 mi

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near Umm Şayḩūn, Ma’an (Jordan)

a superb hike to discover Petra and its Monastery from an (almost) secret path.
We met no more than 10 people on our way to Petra, that makes quite a change compared to a main route:-)
more details on : https://familyinjordan.com/en/category/sports/ (in french and in english)

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  • Janis E Jun 30, 2019

    Thanks for posting the trail. It made ot easy to find the trail head.

    Trail data: I am not sure what device was used to record the data, but based on my observations the trail (return) is approx 1.5-1.8 km longer than recorded and elevation gain for return journey is around 500 m instead of 800 m The last elevation gain up to 1175 m does not exist in the nature.

    For those in a rush and with a car: it is possible to cut approx 1 km (2km in total) by driving on a gravel road and leaving a car at a parking lot.

    In any case thanks for the post. And indeed, there are no people on the trail - we met only 3 hikers. And the views are marvelous.

  • SIx Shooter Sep 20, 2019

    Hi, thanks for your post. My wife and I are planning to do your Little Petra to Petra hike next week! Do you think that the terrain requires hiking boots or are runners sufficient? Basically, we're travelling light so would prefer not to bring hiking boots if possible. Thanks, John

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