• Photo of Johnston Canyon Hike
  • Photo of Johnston Canyon Hike
  • Photo of Johnston Canyon Hike
  • Photo of Wooden Bridge
  • Photo of Ink Pots
  • Photo of Ink Pots

Technical difficulty   Moderate

Time  2 hours 54 minutes

Coordinates 734

Uploaded February 2, 2009

Recorded June 2007

5,766 f
4,708 f
5.18 mi

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near Massive, Alberta (Canada)

Very recommended and refreshing. The trail is in very good condition. Lots of families at the start, but gets very quiet as you move up. Access and parking: Moose Meadows parking lot on the Bow Valley Parkway 1.4 km west of Johnston Creek or 5 km east of Castle Junction.

Description: The trail climbs from the parking lot to a meadow on Johnston Creek some 200 m higher in elevation. It follows old roads for most of the way to the summit then narrows for the descent to the meadow.

Trail I is generally uphill with a few flat and downhill sections. It ends where the fire road joins it. Return to the parking lot by the same route.

Trail 2 starts where Trail I ends, and continues more steeply and relentlessly than Trail 1. Once over the hump, where the trail narrows, you still have some bad comers to negotiate before you reach the Ink Pots. Coming into the meadows after the long uphill climb through dense forest is like breaking into another world. The Ink Pots, just ahead where the trail ends, are clear greenish pools formed by artesian springs whose water temperature remains at a constant temp. They make a lovely spot to have lunch before you head back down the trail to the parking lot. The mountains to your right are all part of the Sawback Range; the smooth-faced triangular peak is Mount Ishbel.

Johnston Canyon is by-passed completely by this trail although there is a view into it from one point high above it on Trail 2. Despite its difficulty, the trail is well used. Skiers heading uphill should watch out for those coming down. Skiers on their way out should make the descent carefully and under control.
  • Photo of Wooden Bridge
Bridge crossing Johnston Creek after the ink pots. Note how clear the water is !
  • Photo of Ink Pots
  • Photo of Ink Pots
Ink Pots which are six greenish blue pools that are filled with spring water. The Ink Pots were difficult to photograph but are worth the trip. You can see the spring water bubbling up at the bottom of each Ink Pot.
Johnston Canyon Parking
This little creek has drinkable water.

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