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504 ft
9.44 mi

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near Tuxedo Park, New York (United States)

This hike starts on Johnsontown Rd which is on the other side of Reeves Brook Visitor Center on 7 Lakes Drive.
The hikes starts on the trailhead of Blue Disc trail (B). The hikes stays on the Blue Disc trail until it hits the TMI (R) at Smith's Den. On the Blue Disc trail, there are several good views of Harriman, and a crevice called elbow brush where it fun to go through.
The hike continues on the TMI (R) until it hits the HTS (O) on the other side of 7 Lakes Dr, and along the way it will intersect with White Bar trail. The hike continues on the HTS, and up Diamond Mt. Once on Diamond Mt., the trail continues until it hits the Tower trail (Y). The hike continues on the Tower trail to the Pine Meadow and finally to the Poach Egg trail. Once on the Poach Eggs tril, which is the shortest trail in Harriman, take it to the Raccoon Brook Hill (Blk). The Raccoon Brook Hill will fork straight and to the right, but take the path that goes straight and stay on Raccoon Brook Hill trail until it hits the Kakiat trail (W). Then take the Kakiat all the way until it crosses 7 Lakes Drive and intersects with the White Bar trail on the side of the highway( this will be the second time that the hike will be on the White Bar ). Take a left and stay on the White Bar until it hits the parking lot at Johnsontown Rd.

JTC000 -- Blue Disc Trailhead

18-DEC-10 9:28:02

JTC001 -- View Point

18-DEC-10 10:10:51

JTC002 -- Intersection

Junction of the White Bar and the TMI ( R )

JTC003 -- Intersection

Junction of the TMI ( R ) and the HTS ( O )


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