• Photo of Jocelyn Hill from Caleb Pike
  • Photo of Viewpoint
  • Photo of Guys at the Viewpoint

Moving time  2 hours 22 minutes

Time  5 hours 28 minutes

Coordinates 1247

Uploaded July 13, 2019

Recorded July 2019

1,360 ft
531 ft
6.33 mi

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near Millstream, British Columbia (Canada)

Jocelyn Hill is a scenic gem, a viewpoint high above the fiord of Finlayson Arm of the Saanich Inlet. It is accessible from several trail heads, Mt Work to the north, Stonecrest from the east and Caleb Pike from the south. This track log shows the route from Caleb Pike parking lot off Millstream rd to the viewpoint and summit of Jocelyn Hill. We took the standard Ridge Top trail including the Holmes Peak bypass on the way in and returned on a slightly different route to include Mom's Bump, John's Bump and the Holmes Peak viewpoints. A fine hike!


The view of Finlayson Arm fiord from one of many viewpoints along the ridge trail

Guys at the Viewpoint

Guys with an average age over 80 years high above Finlayson Arm enjoying the hike.


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