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near Chwasa-ri, Jeollanam-do (South Korea)

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The multi-day tour over the entire ridge of the Jirisan Mountains is considered to be the supreme discipline of South Korean alpinism. I'm skeptical. The entire mountains are covered with a dense forest, which everywhere prevents a view down into the wider environment. It lacks everywhere in South Korea alpine meadows, which allow a clear view.
If you want to hike on the mountain ridge, you first have to master the 1,500 vertical meters ascent to the Nogodan Hut. If you want to stay there, you must register early and bring your own sleeping gear and food. The ascent from the south entrance of the Jirisan Nature Park in Hwaeomsa is extremely tedious and exhausting, as you have to walk for hours on unhardened rock stairs. He is also monotonous, because you constantly walk straight along a stream through a forest like in a tunnel that does not allow for a view. Even the autumn view of the colorful foliage is difficult, because you have to constantly look on the path to not stumble over a boulder.

Therefore, I recommend to start the ascent only at 1100 m altitude. To get there you take the bus from Gurye via Hwaeomsa on mountain road 861 to the Seongsamje car park, where the bus terminus "Nogodan" is located. You even save the 3500 won entry fee, which is required at the south entrance in Hwaoemsa. From the parking lot, a wide, comfortable trail goes over the Nogodan Pass to the Nogodan Hut.

Those who do not want to go the multi-day tour over the Jirisan ridge, can do the day tour described here: At the Nogodan pass you do not go to the left in the direction of Nogodan hut, but behind the pass downhill on the arduous mountain path to the monastery Hwoamsa described above. Downhill it is easier than uphill.
Bus stop

Gurye Busterminal




Große Holzbrücke

Bus stop

Hwaeomsa Bus Haltestelle

Zwischen Gurye und Seongsamjae
Sacred architecture

Hwaeomsa Kloster


Jirisan Südeingang


Kleiner Rastplatz


Nogodan Hütte



Berggipfel auf dem Jirisan Hauptkamm



Siamjae Parkplatz



Berggipfel auf dem Jirisan Hauptkamm


Sacred architecture

Yeonggeam Kloster

zu diesem Kloster geht es auf der Straße nach links


    You can or this trail