Time  5 hours 7 minutes

Coordinates 2961

Uploaded October 20, 2018

Recorded October 2018

409 ft
-3 ft
8.49 mi

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near Sang-dong, Jeju-do (South Korea)

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Beautiful walk along one of the Olle roads, ideal to see the island of Udo and Seongsan Ichulbong from various places.
The first part goes up to an oreum, and then it's flat all the time. Towards the end instead of following the end of Olle 1, I take a shortcut to go to see the sunset from the Olle 2 and see a beautiful area of the marsh next to Seongsan Ichulbong and end at your feet on the beach that is next to him, ideal to see the evening.
It is perfect to start at noon to end at nightfall. Halfway there are many cafes, a perfect place to stop for a drink.
A great example of Olle and one of the best on the island.

Inicio de Olle 1


Vistas desde el oreum


Cafetería vistas al mar


Dejar el Olle 1


Anochecer y final


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