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near Ramm, Aqaba (Jordan)

IMPORTANT NOTE: I have decided not to upload the whole track relative to this jebel or mountain, but the last 200 mt. and its waypoint as a reference with some explanations about the path, nowadays very popular. The reason why, is to protect the services of the Bedouin guides to do so. I believe late or soon someone will upload the track; but after working and living with Bedouins I have denied myself to do it, this is their land and overall their life.

Jebel Hash and sometimes called Jebel Fora, has actually no name; its name came up from a sort of alternatives that surrounds the area. The summit proposed is not the highest of the block, but closer and easy to access; so all top-hills are Jebel Hash or Fora. I have walked up this tiny mountain several times during 5 years; it has all the ingredients for an adventurous day: its far from Rum village, the trek is not long or exhausting, there is a small crack to climb up (avoidable), there is a fossils stratum area (last time I visited in March 2011, I had a feeling it disappeared a lot) and offers an amazing landscape at the top, just walking. I did it with old people and with my daughters when both were 3 years old in different years (without backpack); just add and plan extra time for kids, THEY WILL LOVE IT.

First time we reached the top was cloudy and we heard the electricity like crashed plastic bags, our hair was electrified, be careful; we didn’t have the reflex to run down the top asap to avoid the lightning.

It is popular to see snakes in the area, at least I saw more than in other parts. Take enough water during hot periods and a hat and sun-tan should be always essential, sometimes there is no shadow on the way.

Jebel Hash/Fora

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