Time  3 hours 55 minutes

Coordinates 1868

Uploaded March 23, 2019

Recorded March 2019

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3.85 mi

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near Santa Lucía, Valencia (España)

This walk starts from a big public parking space adjacent to a shooting range.

The greatest part of this walk is easy, traversing the Plana de Lusa, along very nice tracks with wonderful views and through wooded area even, after the descent from the second cave, El Ojo de Montgó.

For the first cave, the Gamell you will have to descend some 40 metres along a quite steep track to the entrance of the cave and the depth and darkness of this cave is imposing.

After going up again we kept on following the yellow/white marked track from Dénia to the summit of the Montgó but we turned away from this track at the junction of the GR 330 and took the track to the south east. This is the track that goes from Jávea/Xábia to the summit of the Montgó, the PR CV 355.

Coming at another crossroad we turned west to follow the track to the huge cave, which is the eye of the Montgó. This track is marked with green dots of paint but that has been done a long time ago so the markings are sometimes difficult to spot.

This is a steep climb of more than 200 metres and at times you will have to use your hands.

The view from the cave is spectacular, you will have the idea that you are watching the earth from the window of an aeroplane.

The descent is only tricky at its beginning because the track is not really visible anymore from the cave but you will soon see it and what follows is a beautiful return, with the light coming from behind all the time enjoying an amazing view.

Arriving at 220 meters again you can choose from various tracks through the wooded area here on the plane of Lusa back to the parking place.


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