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near Janjeli, Himachal Pradesh (India)

At 3342 metres, Shikari Mata is a roofless temple, dedicated to a hunting goddess. Legend has it, hunters used to worship the Goddess on the mountain for success in their hunt. The temple is connected to Janjehli town in Himachal Pradesh with a 18 kilometre fair weather road. In winters, this fair weather road is closed just after Janjehli due to heavy snow drifts. The trek from Janjehli to Shikari Mata along this closed road is difficult yet exhilarating trek. The trek is difficult because of the large distance to be covered in one day and some avalanche prone sections. Yet for its difficulty this trek offers beautiful views, the lack of need for navigation, solitude and a unparalleled sense of accomplishment. If you are contemplating a challenging winter trek, we recommend you try this trek to get your snow-craft and winter gear sorted.
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  • Photo of Ashish Gupta

    Ashish Gupta Mar 21, 2017

    Awesome description. Thanks for sharing the pertinent photos and waypoints.
    I didn't know this one requires 4000+ feet altitude gain. This is going to be difficult even in fair weather!

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