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near Alfarería, Valencia (España)

DISTANCE 12Km - WALKING TIME 41/2 hrs – ASCENT 730 Mtrs. - GRADE S
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A moderate walk with two main ascents. The second more difficult of the two can be avoided by taking the indicated short cut making an easy version. The walk across the ridge first offers fine views of the cultivated Jalon area and then the beautiful secluded area of Les Murtes. The second ascent follows the Barranc Murtes to a small delightful hidden valley.
The ascent of Talai (optional) is a new path (2014) and therefore rough, but worth the climb. Then on to the Coll de Rates. The descent from Coll de Rates is via the Camiano de Xalo a Tarbena. In days gone by this was a major route but nature has taken its course (2015 Looks more like a path now) but we leave it in favour of a very nice path below the ridge of Serra de Besa back to the start.

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