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near Brockagh, Leinster (Ireland)

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There are six national parks in Ireland. Co. One of them is Wicklow: Wicklow Mountains National Park. Located in this park is Glendalough. This place will be the most visited tourist spot in the county. Here, you can find versatile features found in other tourist spots in Ireland: narrow roads, buses for tourists or visitors, and beautiful Irish shops and destination Irish produce shops.

In the case of Glendalough, we have a complex consisting of remains of churches, cemeteries and towers, and a beautiful area with two lakes. In the two lakes there are nine routes organized and marked. Each one has different levels of difficulty.

In our case we have chosen the white route and the track represented in this Wikiloc entry represents the route. This 'Spinc and Glenealo Valley' starts on the highest and highest lake, and runs along a mountain slope of almost 9km and 400m, making a full turn around the lake.

Anyone who has traveled in the mountains of Ireland knows that the land is wet and that, almost always on grass, the boots end up in the mud and water. In this case, there is no risk, as almost all the way to avoid erosion will go along the paved path. However, it is advisable to go with the right mountain shoes.


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