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near Dunseverick, Northern Ireland (United Kingdom)

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Northern Ireland / Antrim

If you like to walk, it is a highly recommended option to leave your car in the Dunseverick car park and discover the beautiful path that runs along the high cliffs until you reach the "tourist" area where the hexagonal basalt columns that give fame to the place (some are octagonal).

For my taste it is much more attractive than parking in the Visitor Center, too crowded, and also the parking and the entrance will be free.

The route we took (round trip) is about 16 kilometers. In the case of Elena it was only 8 because she stayed waiting at the Visitor Center while I went back to look for the car.

It could be circulated back on the road but I find it more interesting (and less dangerous) to return again along the path of the cliffs (I did not mind at all repeat the road in the opposite direction contemplating the sea from the heights).

After the walk almost alone for a good part of the trip I felt somewhat disappointed when arriving at the "tourist" area, where the basalt columns are by the sea.

Hundreds of people taking photos (happy selfies) and security personnel with the whistle trying to get away from tourists who come too close to the sea disillusioned me a lot. However, it is a place that I think you have to visit if you have the opportunity.

Perhaps out of season and at odd hours you can visit in solitude. I imagine that in that case the perception would be very different.

The visit to The Giant's Causeway is usually complemented by the crossing of the nearby Carrick-a-Rede suspension rope bridge (another touristy overexploited point). In fact there are people who do the walk joining both points, but of course, that's at least 20 kilometers (only the way) and the most spectacular part is precisely the one that begins in Dunseverick, the stretch that we did.

The chronicle, details and photos in the following link:

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