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Coordinates 1857

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Recorded June 2016

2,852 f
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7.45 mi

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near Bloody Bridge, Northern Ireland (United Kingdom)

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Northern Ireland / Morne Mountains

The Slieve Donard is the highest elevation in Northern Ireland and is located in the Morne Mountains, very close to the coastal town of Newcastle. Its ascension does not pose difficulty but its top is often covered by low clouds that will prevent us from enjoying the views (as it happened to me).

We leave the car in the parking lot of Bloody Bridge Car Park, cross the road and locate the marked path that is accessed through a door. We climb parallel to the gorge of the Glen River, which will be shown on the left. On hot days it is common to see people bathing in the pools or jumping from the rocks.

On the level 180 m. We reach a point where you can cross the ravine to continue walking on a comfortable track that goes back up the other side. I preferred not to cross the river and followed a path parallel to the stream that is somewhat blurred and sometimes lost among the ferns. It has no difficulty but it is more uncomfortable to walk than the track (for the return if I used the track).

We pass by an abandoned quarry (we leave it also on our left, 420 m. High) and ascend until we come across a thick stone wall known as the "Morne Wall", a large wall that runs through these mountains (elevation 530 m.)

It is not necessary to cross it, it will be enough to turn to the right and continue without rest until the top, always parallel to the wall, to save the more than 300 meters of unevenness that separate us from the top.

I get upstairs wrapped in the fog, I do not see anything beyond 10 meters, and it's a cold wind. I wait a while but it does not look like I'm going to clear, so I turn around and go back along the same path next to the wall.

Once I get to the detour, I decide to extend the excursion and continue parallel to the wall to go towards a secondary peak where there seems to be no fog. I go up following a little marked stroke and loiter for a while over the top. Then I will go down the side of the mountain (on some grassy slopes of grass at some point) until it merges with the climb route.

This time, when I arrive at the abandoned quarry, I will be diverted to descend comfortably along the track.

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