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Uploaded July 20, 2016

Recorded July 2016

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near Murrisk, Connaught (Ireland)

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Ireland / May

The Croagh Patrick is a mountain with great significance in Ireland and therefore quite visited. The last Sunday of July is tradition to ascend to the top in pilgrimage (Reek Sunday).

I decided to make a circular route. I climbed the normal path (east slope) but went down the opposite slope (West) and was a success by the sharp contrast between the busy path of climb with the solitude of the descent, where I found no one.

As Elena prefers something softer we decided to leave the car somewhere in between. We parked in the detour of a small road that goes down towards the beach of Bertra (Bertra Beach), which is about two kilometers west of Murrisk. In this way Elena will go down to the beach to spend the morning and I will go walking along the road to the Visitor Center of Murrisk, which is where the classic route to Croagh Patrick begins.

From the parking of the Visitor Center the route is very clear. There is a wide path that ascends directly to the south and where numerous hikers walk in a row.

On the level 400 m. the path turns to the west and new views open to the south. Unfortunately, the fog, one more day, hits me.

After a short ridge that allows us to take a break, the path gets steep again and becomes quite stony, but it does not pose any difficulty, you just have to take it easy and climb each one at your own pace. I meet a child who walks barefoot across the rocks! (apparently part of the tradition).

I reach the top (764 m.), Where there is a small white church and I am surprised to find some toilets. The clouds do not seem to be going up, so after going around the area, I go back on the opposite side. From now on I will walk in absolute solitude.

The descent has no complication but it is certainly less obvious than the climb. It is a question of going down in a westerly direction and then changing direction to the N-NE until it meets very low with a track that goes to some farms and then empties into the road.

There is no clearly defined trail, so I follow traces (sometimes lost) and trails that draw the cattle with their eyes on the track that is below, which serves as a reference. After having lost a lot of unevenness, I approach a small ravine (which you do not have to cross) and there the path becomes more and more evident. I even see traces of a quad.

It is a descent for which a minimum capacity of orientation and custom of walking across the country is required. Carrying a GPS with the track will also help a lot.

When approaching the farms, I cross a fence and continue on the road to the road. There I will turn right and continue for half a kilometer to the point where the car is.

The chronicle, details and photos in the following link:

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Croagh Patrick


Inicio (carretera playa)


Visitors Centre


  • Photo of etseiber

    etseiber Aug 17, 2018

    Ruta preciosa. Altamente recomendable hacer la ruta circular, los paisajes de la bajada son muy bonitos.

  • Photo of etseiber

    etseiber Aug 23, 2018

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Ruta preciosa. Altamente recomendable hacer la ruta circular, los paisajes de la bajada son muy bonitos.

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