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Time  2 days 6 hours 56 minutes

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Uploaded April 22, 2008

Recorded July 2006

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near Ófeigsfjörður, Strandasysla (Ísland)

It's become difficult to persuade Icelanders to participate in traditional multi-day camping trips. This was a trip organised by my hiking club, Útivist, and we had hoped for far more participants than the three friends of mine who actually signed up. Still, the small number certainly didn't reduce our enjoyment of the trip!

I appear not to have uploaded any pictures from this trip - I'll have to do something about that I guess.
  • Photo of Brekkuskarð
  • Photo of Brekkuskarð
It seems incredible that people used to bring horses across this mountain pass, the slope seems impossibly steep.
  • Photo of Camp 1
  • Photo of Camp 1
  • Photo of Camp 1
Our first camp was in beautiful Drangavík. We first had to wade across the river, then camped on the far side with a view towards the pinnacles of Drangaskörð.
  • Photo of Camp 2
04-JUL-06 20:55:52 Our second camp site was on the northen shore of Bjarnarfjörður. We had waited for low tide before wading the fjord (yes, that's how you cross this river!) and then pitched our tents in this lovely spot. The picture shows the others crossing the fjord.
  • Photo of Dagverðardalsá
River crossing - small river
  • Photo of Drangalaug
A natural (warm) pool is found just past the river Húsá (which has been bridged using driftwood). The local farmer charges a small fee for bathing.
  • Photo of Geirhólmi
  • Photo of Geirhólmi
  • Photo of Geirhólmi
Leave the backpacks at the pass and walk to this summit - the views are fantastic
04-JUL-06 10:36:46 The lowest of the various routes around Drangaskörð, Göltur is only passable at low tide.
  • Photo of Hjarandaskarð
  • Photo of Hjarandaskarð
  • Photo of Hjarandaskarð
Following the coastline is an alternative to the pass but makes for slow going, having done both I recommend the pass!
  • Photo of Hvalá
The largest river in the Westfjords, Hvalá would be difficult to ford - but it's been bridged so you don't need to.
05-JUL-06 10:32:38 - 05-JUL-06 10:32:38
  • Photo of Meyjará
  • Photo of Meyjará
A small river, easily forded. The northern bank is a great place to pitch a tent although that didn't suit our schedule on this trip.
  • Photo of Ófæra
Ófæra means "impasse" - and at high tide that's exactly what this is! You can still proceed around Drangaskörð but have to pick one of the higher passes.
05-JUL-06 16:26:49 - If forded at the right location this glacial river is no obstacle.


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