Moving time  2 hours 37 minutes

Time  5 hours 16 minutes

Coordinates 1640

Uploaded April 17, 2018

Recorded April 2018

8,236 ft
5,802 ft
6.08 mi

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near Targa Imoula, Marrakech-Tensift-Al Haouz (Morocco)

A hike starting (and ending) in the town of Imlil up through a valley to a pass between the mountains. We came down the other side of the valley for a change of routes.

It was a beautiful day in April and we had arrived from Marakesh around noon and were excited to do some exploring. After dropping off our stuff at the hotel we grabbed some lunch and then took this route west of Imlil.

We went off the beaten path pretty quickly (see waypoint called intersection 1). The footing was sketchy at times and the path was occasionally difficult to follow especially in rocky areas where multiple paths appeared. The only snow spotted was a small patch at the peak. There was a small hut at the top and we were surprised to see a man selling soda pop and oranges. A good hike to get acclimatized to the altitude, we both had some minor symptoms.

There are several different ways to do the middle portion of the hike, including more road on the way up and the descent on the opposite bank did have a few challenges (some steep sections and winding your way through the homes). We had GPS, lots of time and energy and enjoyed the adventure.

Doable in half a day, some nice views and we savored our lunch and dinner in Imlil at the start and finish.

River and bridge


Intersection 1

Leave the road and go straight ahead on to a small trail.

Intersection 2

Signage where several paths intersect. Leave mules here?

Shoulder, peak elevation

The pass through the mountains, not quite the peak. Some nice views of the other side.


No bridge here but the water was pretty low when we did the trail.

Stream with bridge

There is a bridge at this crossing that takes you back into Imlil.


    You can or this trail