Time  6 hours one minute

Coordinates 1452

Uploaded May 8, 2019

Recorded April 2019

1,457 f
82 f
9.22 mi

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near Chrístos, North Aegean (Greece)

In this hike you walk from Rahes (Christos), a little village in the mountain, to the beach of Nas, where there is a sanctuary or Artemis. As it is a demanding hike better if you plan to have a relax lunch at Nas beach before to return to Rahes (the duration of our track includes it). Anyway the effort is rewarding: you will be astonished by the magnificence of Chalari Canyon and enjoy amazing views of the coastline. The hike is a particular performance of one described at Ikaria Island a book that is worth to buy. [http://www.ikariaguidebook.com/]
You will find several gates that you have to open and close every time you pas through them.
The starting point of our track is in the same village of Rahes (Christos) in front the church. From the beginning to WP1 you follow a path marked with red spot and some arrows that leads you to the Chalari Canyon. In WP1 you live the path (and the Chalari Canyon) to descend to Nas by an unsurfaced road until to reach the beach where Afrodita sanctuary is. (WP2)
The first part of the return is different. From the beach to WP2 you follow a path marked with red spots inside the Chalari Canyon. After, from WP1 to Rahes you return the same way you went.
Of course you have the possibility of going from WP1 to Nas by the path inside the Chalari Canyon, the same path you will use to return, in fact this is a shorter option. What is the point of leaving the Chalari Canyon and walking by the road? The amazing views of the coastline.





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