Time  2 hours 39 minutes

Coordinates 759

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Recorded August 2014

1,652 ft
210 ft
4.54 mi

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near Pŏnil-tong, Seoul (South Korea)

The is a relatively easy hike starting at the Suyu subway station (line 4) going into Bukhansan National Park. The trail head is 1.4 miles from the subway exit 5. You can also take the buses 151, 410, 1165, or 02. You enter the park at Hwagyesa and exit at Jeongneum. The total length is 4.5 miles and takes about 2:40 at a moderate pace. It does gain 1400 feet over the 1.6 miles from the trail head to the high point and is fairly steep in places. From Jeongneum it is a long way to the subway so I recommend taking the bus from just outside the park. Bus 110A or 110B will get you to the nearest subway.

Bukhansan National Park Entrance

One of the main entrance points for Bukhansan National Park. There is a bus stop less than 100 m outside the park entrance.


Follow the signs for kalbawineungseon (ridge) for the uphill portion of the hike. You will follow these signs until you are 0.8 km from Kalbawi.
Archaeological site


A monument near the end of the hike.




Highpoint for the hike. To continue the hike, backtrack about 20 meters and turn left.

Suyu Station Exit 5

From the subway it is about a 1.5 mile walk to the trail head. You could also take buses 151, 410 (blue) or 1165 , 02 (green).

Trail Head

The trail head at Hwagyesa has a map, ranger post, and restroom. The map also has bus information.


A nice water break about half way up.

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    oceans2001 Aug 27, 2014

    My first 5 GPS points and the location of Suyu station are way off. I can't figure out how to correct the map without starting over.

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