Time  9 hours 51 minutes

Coordinates 1610

Uploaded March 3, 2014

Recorded March 2014

2,825 f
139 f
13.18 mi

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near Hvanneyri, Vesturland (Lýðveldið Ísland)

Splendid hike from Botnsdalur along the west side of the waterfall Glymur, and continuing up the heath along the wiver Botnsá to it´s origin, the lake Hvalvatn... and all around the lake, up to a little cape called Skinnhúfuhöfði and down again along the shore of the lake... to and up the mountain Hvalfell and down from there to the trail along the river Hvalskarðsá to Botnsdalur again. Fantastic weather, still and sunny and very special atmosphere at the lake which was frozen at the surface but bubbling under neath... and constant rumbling of the water all the way which gave the hike a very special feeling. One of those golden days of winter mountain hiking :-)


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