Time  2 hours 4 minutes

Coordinates 785

Uploaded February 20, 2013

Recorded February 2013

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348 ft
52 ft
4.68 mi

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near Tian Guan Estate (Sïngäpûru)

HSBC Tree Top Walk at MacRitchie is a nice hanging bridge over the natural reserve. It is a hiking trail only. No bicycle allowed. There are a few trails that could lead to this trail. This one is the shortest way. It is also a easy access for those who drives.

The trail covers a long wooden bridge that goes on top of the Natural Reserve. It has a 250 Meter suspension bridge as a attraction. Note that the bridge is one way only. You have to go in the clock wise direction on the route. On weekdays it is free. An adult fee of $1 will be charged on weekends and Public holidays. Children and senior citizen has a 50% discount.

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go straight


turn left




cut across trail to bridge


start of tree top walk

start of tree top walk

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  • Loker Jun 7, 2018

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Nothing to see at the tree top walk.

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