Time  7 hours 54 minutes

Coordinates 692

Uploaded September 10, 2017

Recorded July 2017

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1,398 ft
509 ft
9.67 mi

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near Hřensko, Ústecký (Czechia)

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I do not know how the data of exaggerated slopes appear, but who downloads this track will check (at least with the Compe-Land) that the real differences are 330 meters of ascent and descent, which correspond to the level of difficulty of this excursion.
I repeat: Levels accumulated around 330 meters

1) Until the Stone Arch: 1 h. 30 '
We leave the Hrensko by a local road (we can also go by a path on the other side of the canal) until we reach a detour where signs and a panel of the area appear. Through a wide track surrounded by forest we go up to reach some stairs that begin the ascent to the largest stone arch in Europe, called Puerta de Pravcice. It is a comfortable climb with wide loops. From the stone arch we can still climb some viewpoints by steep stairs. In the arch there are bar, tables, restaurant ....

2) Hasta Mezni Louka: 1 h. 30 '
We undo the climb to the stone arch and we get into the dense forest by a wide path that in the first part is making constant and comfortable ascents and descents. After descending some stairs, the landscape expands and we arrive at Mezni Louka, with an area of ​​bars, outdoor tables, shop to buy souvenirs and some food ....

3) The return by the Kamenice river: 1 h. Four. Five'
First we walk along a local road and in a short time, next to some houses, we begin a descent in chopped towards the Kamenice river that we crossed by a bridge. We walk a narrow spectacular path with some small tunnels dug into the walls of the ravine. At a certain point there is no choice but to embark on boats (there is a row) to make a small stretch until it disembarks and the trail reappears with the same characteristics that bring us back to Hrensko.

Total time of the excursion: Less than 5 hours

1- Inicio

24-JUL-17 9:48:58

2- Desvío a pista

24-JUL-17 10:05:18

3- Arco de Piedra

24-JUL-17 11:07:23

4- Mirador

24-JUL-17 11:30:49

5- Bifurcación

24-JUL-17 12:30:32

6- Escaleras en descenso

24-JUL-17 13:42:11

7- Mezni - Louka // Carretera

24-JUL-17 14:58:09

8- Desvío hacia el río

24-JUL-17 15:29:32

9- Puente sobre el río Kamenice

24-JUL-17 15:46:50

10- Embarcadero

24-JUL-17 16:20:16

11- Fin del tramo en barca

24-JUL-17 16:47:05

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    Une des plus belles balades et très variées que nous avons faits en tchèquie

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