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near Bolton, Connecticut (United States)

This hike will take you on a section of the Hop River Trail towards Bolton. There also is a trail off of that called the Rose Trail. The Hop River Trail is an old railroad bed converted to a bike & walking trail. It is a beautiful place to visit. I have only been on the trail during the week, a few bikers and dog walkers around, I would imagine that on weekends it could get a little crowded. There are a number of GEOCaches (www.geocaching.com) in the area, all are fun to find. The Rose Trail leads up to the Bolton Heritage Farm. There also is an Archaeological Preserve at the top of the trail. I just did another section of this very nice trail, give it a look! Happy trails, Tom (www.tomchoma.com)
Restricted area
Bench next to trail to take a break
One of many parking areas along the trail
Rose trail leading up to Bolton Heritage Farm


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