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near Bolton, Connecticut (United States)

This former railroad line is now a trail that winds 20.2 miles through the towns of Manchester, Vernon, Bolton, Coventry, Andover, and Columbia. This WIKILOC is just part of the 20 miles. We GEOCached along the old railroad bed. We hiked in and out, but the trail is great for biking, smooth and pretty. It is amazing to see what the early railroad people went through to put a railroad through this area - you will pass through a blasted out ravine, as well as cross over stone bridges created to go over the many streams which work down the mountain. I was very, very impressed by the old railroad work, as well as the current work put into it to make such a beautiful trail. We did it in the summer, the whole section we were on was mostly shaded by tall trees. Give it a try, I know you will enjoy it!
Small Parking Area
Bench provided for a rest
Major cut through the rock walls
Plenty of parking provided (but I will guess it fills up)
Crossing Into Another Town
Crossing Into Another Town
Crossing Into Another Town
Turned Around Here, But More Trail


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