Moving time  one hour 29 minutes

Time  3 hours 7 minutes

Coordinates 1304

Uploaded July 7, 2020

Recorded July 2020

3,286 ft
3,237 ft
5.17 mi

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near Wapanitia, Oregon (United States)

07/06/2020 (sih, cvg) Really excellent easy (flat) walk; perfect for a respite from more arduous days of hiking. Incredibly lovely Little Crater Lake, unique boggy meadow, then stroll on flat, groomed wide path through large mature trees, rather like a walk in a large European park. Options for either walk on Timothy Lake Trail on north shore of lake, on PCT on south shore, or north on PCT after leaving Crater Lake. Option of circumnavigating Timothy Lake would be 13 miles. Trail shared with bikes (just two) and horses (none). We just saw the North Arm of the lake; really beautiful. Sprawling Timothy Lake camping complex could possibly be crowded, but campsites are dispersed and not at all bad on the Monday after July 4th weekend. Start at Little Crater Lake campground (closed for covid), about 40 minutes from Zig-Zag; last 2 miles have lots of potholes.


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