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  • Photo of Hontoon Island Walkabout
  • Photo of Hontoon Island Walkabout
  • Photo of Hontoon Island Walkabout
  • Photo of Hontoon Island Walkabout

Time  5 hours 26 minutes

Coordinates 1493

Uploaded February 3, 2014

Recorded February 2014

45 ft
-4 ft
7.91 mi

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near Riverside, Florida (United States)


A great place to just get out and see nature. The trails, or more so "forest roads" are well kept and offer varying topography.

Access is via a free ferry as is the park itself also free, a donation is accepted in the part store.

The Park Rangers are very friendly and freely offer Q&A with visitors.

Depending on the time of they year, the hike can range from easy to moderate, off-trail is viable but the terrain difficulty can rise.

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  • Photo of Tom Choma

    Tom Choma Feb 16, 2014

    This truly is a very nice place to visit, as mentioned the ranger reception was very nice. They are ready to take you back and forth to the island when you need them, just watch the time of the last trip. As you enter the island you will encounter plenty of places for a picnic. The camp store had souvenirs as well as supplys needed for camping and hiking. There are a number of nature trails to explore, as well as old roads which crisscross the island. For those who enjoy GEOCaching, there are a number of those to look for. If your into camping, there are primitive campsites as well as cabins to rent. Thus you can enjoy just a day trip or stay a few days if you so wish.

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