• Photo of Holmans Break (Enoggerra right back)

Moving time  3 hours 2 minutes

Time  3 hours 45 minutes

Coordinates 2349

Uploaded February 17, 2019

Recorded February 2019

856 f
244 f
8.36 mi

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near The Gap, Queensland (Australia)

A interesting alternative to Enoggera Reservoir. This hike takes you up to Mount Nebo Road as far as Tower 71. The hills are quite steep after reaching Tower 71 you then progressed onto Holman's break down the steep Descent and then up again to tower 70.
The hike concludes coming back to South Boundary Road and then taking the tower 69 track down to the McDonald's loop and taking the right deviation into the right hand return side of Enoggera Reservoir.
The highest point of the track presents good views back towards the city. Those taking this hike need to understand the steepness of the incline out of Holmans break.


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