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near Hockai, Wallonia (Belgique)

Beautiful walk along river valleys, through forests and across moors, in the Natural Park Hautes Fagnes – Hohes Venn – Hoge Venen. You walk close to the rivers Hoëgne, Sawe and Polleur with multiple rapids and cascades, on boggy paths through moors, on the former Belgian-Prussian border with still intact border stones, and through deciduous and coniferous forests. The paths can be muddy and wet and slippery with tree roots, so waterproof hiking boots are recommended. At Baraque Michel you will find something to eat and drink, and with less frequent opening times also in Solwaster and across the river from the parking at the end of Chemin de Belle Heid. The area around Baraque Michel and to a lesser extent the Hoëgne valley can be busy when the weather is good, on the other parts of the hike you may not see anyone. The starting point is at a parking on the end of the badly paved Devant Chéneu road.
From the parking you directly cross the Hoëgne, and then follow the path along the river downstream. The attractive path passes various cascades and bridges, and is beautiful. After a bit more than 4 km you come at a parking (at the end of Chemin de Belle Heid) where a ford crosses the river. Here you climb out of the valley through woods until you get to the edge of the forest, with views towards Sart and beyond. You walk on to the village of Solwaster amidst pasture, passing a Lourdes cave. From the village you continue down to the Statte valley, cross the river, and then follow the Sawe river upstream. You cross the Solwaster-Jalhay road, continue on a forest road past a rock face, and then follow a small path along the stream. This path hugs the Sawe, changes into a forest road, and then a small path again crossing the river on small bridges a few times, passes cascades, and brings you up to the Haie du Procureur moors. The path ends at the Fermes en Fagnes unpaved road. Here you follow the road south to the end, and then follow small paths at the edge of the moors to the La Vêcquée forest road, past a monument dedicated to American pilots. This forest road you follow past the Croix des Fiancés, an observation hut and various border stones on the former Prussian-Belgian border to Baraque Michel, a convenient point for lunch. From here you walk to the Fagne de Polleur, near Mont Rigi. You walk across boardwalks to the Polleur river and then follow the Polleur downstream, initially on boardwalks, and then on a slippery and rocky path in the forest along the ridge on the south side of the river. At the end of the path you cross the river and then follow a broader and muddy track to another bridge. From here you walk up to an observation hut at the start of a broad and straight forest track through the Lonlou forest and moors. After about 2.4 km you turn left and then follow a path through a fire break and then a forest till you get to the Croix Delvoie, and a large octagonal Prussian border stone. From here you follow muddy paths through the forest until you get to the edge of Hockai village. The Chemin de la Hoëgne takes you back to the starting point.
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Along Sawe River

You follow a forest road along the Sawe river, passing a rock face on your left
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Baraque Michel

Here is the Chapelle Fischbach and directly beyond the large parking lot at Baraque Michel, with a restaurant, and sometimes a chip shop.

Bridge Cascade Léopold II

You walk down to the bridge for a view of the waterfall, and then turn back.

Bridges sidestream Hoëgne

You cross two bridges on a sidestream of the Hoëgne river
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Chemin de la Hoëgne

Unpaved road down to the Hoëgne, amidst pasture
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Climb through Bois de Belle Hé

Here you climb through the forest away from the Hoëgne river
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Croix Delvoie and Prussian border stone 147

Cross and border stone in a picturesque setting
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Croix des Fiancés

Cross remembering an engaged couple dying in a snow storm travelling from Jalhay to Xhoffraix. There is Prussian border stone here as well.
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Croix Marcel Dethiou

Commemorative cross
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Down to Statte River

You walk down to the Statte river amidst pasture.
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Edge of the woods

Here you are at the edge of the woods with views across pasture and the Ardennes scenery to the west.
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Fagne de Polleur

Here the boardwalk through the Polleur moors starts
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Fermes en Fagnes

Unpaved straight road in the moors.
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Forest track along and across the Polleur

A muddy forest track takes you to the Polleur, and then you cross it
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Forest track through Lonlou forest and moors

From the observation hut you follow an almost straight track through moors and forest in the Lonlou area.
Religious site

Grotte Notre-Dame de Lourdes de Solwaster

'Cave' dedicated to Mary of Lourdes

Hoëgne bridge 1

Bridge across the Hoëgne

Hoëgne bridge 2

Bridge across the Hoëgne

Hoëgne bridge 3

Bridge across the Hoëgne
Information point

Hoëgne bridge 4

Bridge across the Hoëgne
Information point

La Vêcquée

Forest road from Baraque Michel to Hockai. On the way to Baraque Michel you pass various border stones and cross the Herbôfaye moor.

Les Cascatelles

A series of small cascades
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Monument aux aviateurs americains 1940-1945

Monument dedicated to American pilots

Observation Hut

Observation hut at the edge of the moors
Information point

Parking and ford

Parking near Belle Heid. Cars have to cross a ford to get here.
Information point

Path along Grande Fagne

Occasionally muddy path on the edge of the Grande Fagne
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Path along the Polleur through the forest

The path takes you along the river and then a bit up into the forest on the ridge south of the river. The path can be slippery with tree roots. There are some cables provided along the path to prevent falling.
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Path Sawe River

Path along the Sawe river.
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Sawe bridge and cascades

The path crosses several bridges from this point and takes you along beautiful cascades
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Sawe path along Haie du Procureur

Here the path takes you along Sawa at the edge of the moors of Haie du Procureur.
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Sentier de la Hoëgne

Start of the trail along the Hoëgne river. This trail is quite popular
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Village of Solwaster
Information point

Track through fire break and forest

Here you follow a small path through a fire break, and then a forest.


  • GlenVdb Feb 9, 2021

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Mooie route, door de omstandigheden: omgewaaide bomen, sneeuw, diep water, soms moeilijk te bewandelen.

  • Photo of Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp Feb 9, 2021

    Dag Glen, bedankt voor je review! Kan hier en daar zeker nat en en wat lastig lopen zijn...

  • Photo of RichardPieter

    RichardPieter Mar 7, 2021

    Prachtige route, Tjaart. Bedankt!
    Gelopen bij een temperatuur van -3, dus veel water op de paden was bevroren; geen natte voeten maar wel glibberen.

  • Photo of Tjaart Molenkamp

    Tjaart Molenkamp Mar 8, 2021

    Graag gedaan Richard, en bedankt voor het aanraden! Klinkt toch goed, die vorst...

  • Photo of RichardPieter

    RichardPieter Mar 8, 2021

    I have followed this trail  verified  View more

    Een afwisselende en uitdagende route. Sportieve afstand!
    Prachtige riviertjes, de hele dag klaterend water. Ook mooie uitgestrekte veenlandschappen.
    Flink wat hoogtemeters.

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