• Photo of HL/JB-155 Gitdaebong
  • Photo of 380m
  • Photo of ribbon 달래봉-신리

Time  8 hours 22 minutes

Coordinates 1131

Uploaded June 25, 2011

Recorded May 2011

1,672 f
328 f
3.33 mi

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near Ǔnsŏk-tong, North Jeolla (South Korea)

Activation on this "no-namer" (pulled the name from the villagers down the hill, no summit marker, etc). Trail much of the way was crap/non-existent (don't follow it, just for reference). Batteries died at 19h20, but basically went on a loop.
380 m
Sign says 436m, batteries died before getting there, but pretty sure this is the point...can't find much along the line of maps saying exactly where this summit is...need to verify again, /in person/
ribbon 달래봉-신리


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