• Video of Hike over Mt St Katherine's from Mt Horne to Victoria

Time  4 hours 37 minutes

Coordinates 12706

Uploaded September 1, 2013

Recorded August 2013

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2,681 ft
485 ft
6.72 mi

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near Blaize, Saint Andrew (Greanada)

This hike climbs the more popular trail up the east side of Mt St Katherine's but then descends the west side ending in Victoria. This trail is less used and was impassable for a long period after Hurricane Ivan and Emily in 2004/5. In the last couple of years there have also been several landslides which have affected the trail, but it's still passable and very enjoyable. The final section involves some river descent over boulders but look out for the exit path on the left or you will have to negotiate 3 waterfalls - each more challenging than the next. Check out the video of the hike - nothing better than to relax in a cooling river with a beer at the end of it!

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  • bobgoodchild Jan 14, 2017

    I have followed this trail  View more

    It's easy to follow and the trail that James logged is accurate. We went to the top of st Catherine and came back following the trail we came up on. Next time we will do up and over to the west side. We were lucky with clear weather and fantastic views. Coming down is quite slippery after rain but otherwise it's straightforward. I took 2 hours 20 minutes going up and I am a slow walker. It took about 1 hour 50 min to come back to the start. The area is very remote and I would only advise this walk with a group of three or more.

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