Time  7 hours 27 minutes

Coordinates 3033

Uploaded October 7, 2014

Recorded September 2014

7,532 f
4,305 f
13.77 mi

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near Siyeh Bend, Montana (United States)

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Popular route that leaves Logan Pass at 2026 meters and goes, first by a path on the ledge and then by a good path, to the Granite Park Chalet and then down to the road called "Going-to-the-sun-road ".
We took the opportunity to take advantage of the other path that goes up a hill, the Glacier Overlook (2286 m), which is totally recommended, the way to get there is taken, but the exit to the hill does not cost you and the view on the way Bird on the pond and the glacier, a gift.
Glacier National Park


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