12.51 mi

Elevation gain

2,405 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

2,405 ft

Max elevation

3,498 ft



Min elevation

1,277 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of Hidden Oasis - Wadi Shāh Full Loop
  • Photo of Hidden Oasis - Wadi Shāh Full Loop
  • Photo of Hidden Oasis - Wadi Shāh Full Loop
  • Photo of Hidden Oasis - Wadi Shāh Full Loop
  • Photo of Hidden Oasis - Wadi Shāh Full Loop
  • Photo of Hidden Oasis - Wadi Shāh Full Loop

Moving time

8 hours 3 minutes


14 hours 26 minutes




December 11, 2020


December 2020
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3,498 ft
1,277 ft
12.51 mi

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near Shāh, Raʼs al Khaymah (United Arab Emirates)

We parked at the car on Bear Gryllis Parking Jebel Jais Via Ferata.

Started hiking towards the left. It’s a long stretch mostly flat and you will pass through local village and a farm.

One you enter the wadi you’ll be welcomed by a slanted wall formation and lots and lots of bouldering. Once you finished it you’ll be flat once again and go through an old used to be farm. Just continue straight and start climbing up the boulders, it might look impossible at times but you just need to find a path that’s easy with your level of

Once you see a white tree it means you are near. Continue climbing until you reach the Hidden Oasis.

There are lots of mountain goats that are very hungry. So not sure if picnic/camping there is a great idea. Then after we went towards the right and continue connecting the loop of Wadi Shah.

Lots of bouldering and steep climb. We passed on 4x vertical walls so I would recommend go on a group it can be dangerous if you go alone. Once you reached the summit there’s a small village, an old cemetery and a farm.

You can ask the locals to guide you the donkey trail. From there it’s pretty straightforward.

If you’re planning to do this full loop. You can do it multi day. Or Start very early and go on a faster pace otherwise like us we reached dark and took at least 4 hours going down. Which can be tricky. Luckily we got the number of the villager and requested to guide us down. So we did experienced both day and night!

I wouldn’t recommend having so many stops if you want to complete this. We did this winter so if you rest longer you’re body will be stiff and needs more time to warmup again to complete the full trail.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment. Or DM me on social on same name. Many thanks!

Little bit technical going back and got lost in the way and reach dark otherwise the trail is manageable


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