Time  3 days 18 hours 26 minutes

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Uploaded October 4, 2012

Recorded October 2012

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near Grunnfjordbotn, Nordland (Norge)

A four-day hike from Hellemobotn to Sørskjomen. Mostly following the T-marked route by Narvik og Omegn Turførening, except betwene Gussajávrre and Jiegŋajávrásj, where we took a better route. Occasionally we lost the route, but terrain is quite easy everywhere, so it's not needed to follow the route exactly. Note that part of the trail is wrongly marked on some maps.

We did this hike 28 September to 2 October 2012.

Hellemobotn can be reached by boat twice a week during summer and autumn, check http://www.torghattennord.no/ . When we did the hike we arrived at Hellemobotn in the dark. With headlights it's possible to walk to the first bridge across Stabburselva and camp immediately after the bridge on the right. You can ask locals on the boat for advice. There is also a new gábmá (sami-style shelter) higher up in the valley close to the border, but that's a little bit more than 2 hours to go from the quai, so not suitable late in autumn. Otherwise there are plenty of good camping opportunities along the trail.

The route climbs from the valley up along the canyon to the spectacular Kanonen. From there it continues to Gussajávrre. Here we left the marked t-route, as recommended by loacls on the boat, and instead turned north alng Njallajávrre to Badjemus. Here we crossed the border into Sweden and pick up the marked route between Skaitevare and Jiegńajávrásj. From here we followed the marked route, fording both Rikkekjåhkå and Sårgåjåhkå. Those fords may be difficult or impossible in summer. From Sårgåjåhkå the route goes up to the Røysvatn hut, crossing Rádjebálges (Sørskjomen – Mievtaluoppal) halfway between the river and the hut. Close to the hut the trail crosses into Norway, and the last part of the trail, between the lakes Røysvatnet/Muvrrajávrre and Bjørnvatnet/Biernajávrre, is confusing. From Røysvatnhytta the trail crosses back into Sweden along the lakes Svartijaure and Sjuokejaure, and up below Spadnetjåkkåtjah. From here it goes down along Spadnejaure, crossing Markojåkkå (possibly fording) and along Kåbtåjaure/Gábddájávri. Here we lost the route, but no trail is needed in easy terrain. After Kåbtåjaure the trail makes a big swing into Sweden along Bovrojávri and along Paurohyttene. The river between Bovrojávri and Kåbtåjaure cannot be forded, so one has to follow the trail here. The sound to Paurohyttene is crossed with the two-boat-system, with a boat on each side of the lake so that hikers have to row three times to cross (I recommend checking with Narvik Turførening that the boats are there, or you need to make a 9 km detour). From Paurohyttene beautifully along Bovrojávri and then up into Sweden with a fantastic view into the uninhabited lands near Kåbtåjaure and Sitasjaure. Back into Norway Baugejåhkå is crossed by bridge at a small shelter. The trail follows the shore of Baugevatnet, then ascends into the next valley. Here one walks close to an electricity line, but the terrain is such that one doesn't see it all the time. The trail descends to the Sitasjaure road. It's possible to stop the hike here and walk over the road to Kjårda, where one could theoretically order a taxi. We continued on the trail to Sørskjomen, along Forsvatnet and Middagsvatnet/Gaskabeaijávri. The descend into Sørskjomen is first stony, then on a steep forest trail, but the forest is welcomed after almost a hundred kilometers above the treeline. If your mobile phone like mine doesn't work at Sørskjomen, you can hope to find one of the ~10 locals to order a taxi to a bus-stop or back to your car.

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