Time  7 hours 55 minutes

Coordinates 2551

Uploaded August 29, 2011

Recorded August 2011

3,366 f
116 f
8.52 mi

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near Búðir, Vesturland (Ísland)

Hiking in fairly good wether, little fog at the top and some rain. I am ranking this as Very difficult, but could be avoided by taking track around the "rock walls" we went down.
Helgrindur: 27 AUG 2011 10:11
Better to go 200 meters either way around this rock
Rauðakúla red looking hill at topp on Helgrindur
Varúð - hard rocks but no danger in summer
Útsýnisklettur - View point over northside of Snæfellsnes and mountain Kirkjufell and town Grundarfjörður


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